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Delivering Innovative Strategic Solutions

By rigorously applying its scientific research, BESTEXECUTION increases its clients’ capacity to effectively achieve HIGH Performance results (e.g., reducing costs and/or increasing revenues).

Our clients adopt, integrate, execute and leverage our “critical driver” – our proprietary, evidence-based Leadership and Management Best Practices® – to achieve exceptional decision-making. The measurable behaviors for these practices are both reliable and proven to achieve HIGH Performance.

ExcellenceAccountability, Transparency,

and HIGH Value

Utilizing innovative return on investment criteria, we deliver a customized Strategic Roadmap – including a rolling Quarterly Accountability Scorecard® – enabling our clients to forge the tightest possible link between their strategic and operational priorities.

We rigorously increase our clients’ Performance Intelligence® – their capacity to accomplish more with less — resulting in innovative strategic solutions that deliver exceptional operational efficiencies that both increase their ROI and improve their bottom line.

Our Exceptional Track Record
Four client success stories regarding our advice are: our advising on how to: increase revenues from $15M to $120M for BCR PROPERTIES; save BC TRANSMISSION CORPORATION (now part of BC HYDRO) $2M on a $134M infrastructure project; transform HSBC BANK’s I.T. business unit into the “HSBC International High Performance Centre for I.T. Excellence”; and, save $5.1M in operational costs and helped grow revenues from $125M to $330M for ALBERTA BEVERAGE CONTAINER RECYCLING CORPORATION.

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Please drop us a note so we can send you our “References Presentation” – which includes case studies, testimonials, and an outline of one of Don’s recent successful senior executive presentations.

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